All About Acne

Who are we?

Welcome to the Acne Academy website.  Granted to charitable status in 2013 to help people with acne, this website has been developed by an team of independent UK healthcare professionals specialising in the management and treatment of acne. 

“Safe, effective treatments are out there, but sometimes it can be a difficult to work out what's going to work for you. So why not get the real experts to help?”

All About Acne has been written by a team of UK healthcare professionals who have all volunteered their time to produce this resource.  The site is run by professionals for members of the public and healthcare professionals alike and has been developed to provide access to balanced, practical information that attempts to cover everything about acne, including what you can do to get help.

This website is a medical information resource only. We do not see patients and cannot provide a referral or recommendation for any medical professional.  We strongly recommend that you see your doctor regarding any questions or concerns that you may have about your acne or that of a family member's acne.